Grading System

Each student is graded on his/her knowledge of the textbook, classroom theory and practical/clinical work studied throughout the program. An overall grade of at least 75% is required for graduation.

The following is a guideline for instructors to follow when calculating/determining grades.

Grading Scale

  • A: 90% – 100% Excellent (performed all tasks at the highest level)
  • B: 80% – 90% Good (Performed all tasks at an intermediate level)
  • C: 70% – 80% Satisfactory (Performed all tasks at an introductory level)
  • D: 60% – 70% Unsatisfactory (Could not complete all tasks with help)
  • F: Below 60% Fail (Did not complete any tasks with help)

Written Exams

The number of correct answers is divided by the total number of questions to determine the grade.

Practical and Clinic Work

The following is an outline sample of the five-step assessment used for grading practical and clinic work:

  1. Connects & establishes rapport and builds credibility: Student comes to class with necessary classroom and clinic supplies, displays a professional attitude, participates in activities appropriately and treats clinic customer in a friendly, welcoming manner.
  2. Consults & prepares effective plans for moving ahead: Student consults with instructor and/or client to prepare for practical assignments or client services.
  3. Creates a plan for achieving the desired results: Student identifies and describes to the instructor the implements, products, and step by step procedures they will use.
  4. Completes & provides a positive finish: Student completes the planned activity, requests feedback to determine client satisfaction, recommends proper products and care for service, completes all record cards and employs correct sanitation measures.
  5. Earns Passing Grades, completes make-up tests and/or assignments if indicated: Students must have a passing grade of 75% or higher in all subjects. To make up a missed test or re-take a failed test, the student must schedule a make-up test with the instructor and complete it within two weeks. Any make-up test, assignment or quiz will automatically have 10% of the grade deducted from the total.

Student Records, Access & Maintenance

All student records are stored in a locked, fireproof filing cabinet at Tanya’s Beauty School and can only accessed by the school owner/director. The school director is the official custodian of these records. All records will be maintained for a period of three years from the date of graduation. Transcripts are maintained for 25 years.

All students have the right to view any items in their files and may do so upon request. Requests will be granted within a reasonable amount of time, while taking into account the office schedule. At no time may a student remove any items/articles from their file. Transcript requests must be in written form, and submitted to Tanya’s Beauty School. There will be a $25 fee for processing a transcript request.