Job Placement & Counseling Services

As part of our service to students, we help them learn to write effective resumes and prepare for job interviews. We also do our best to provide networking opportunities and access to various professionals in the field.

Although the school cannot guarantee job placement, we work hard to assist students in securing suitable employment. This assistance is available to any student, including alumni.

The following a just a sample of the many career opportunities and options that exist in our field:

  1. Hair stylist
  2. Salon coordinator
  3. Barber shop manager
  4. Salon owner
  5. School instructor
  6. School director
  7. School owners
  8. School counselors
  9. Sales representatives
  10. Training educators
  11. Salon division managers
  12. Skin care specialists
  13. Make-up artists
  14. Dermatologist assistant
  15. Cosmetic tattoo artist
  16. Nail technician

For the benefit of our students, Tanya’s Beauty School provides an up-to-date library of useful materials, including periodicals, videos, industry publications and course study guides. There is also information for students seeking support to find housing and other resources, professional counseling services, drug and alcohol treatment and other services. Please ask Liz Maxwell for assistance.