Program Descriptions

Hair Design

Course Hours: 1450

Hair designers shampoo, cut, style, condition and singe hair and apply chemical treatments such as coloring, dyeing, relaxing and permanent waves. They also temporarily curl and braid hair as well as shave, trim and cut beards and/or mustaches.

Hair designers also massage the scalp and neck—but not the face—when in conjunction with the above services. More info…

Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care includes the braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, sewing, twisting, weaving and/or wrapping of human hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers and/or hair extensions through the use of one’s hands or simple devices such as clips, combs, hairpins or needle and thread. More info…


Course Hours: 250

Students in esthetics will have the opportunity to learn about anatomy, skin sciences, skin diseases, skin analysis, facial massages, hair removal, and safety and sanitation procedures that are an essential component to every good esthetician. Esthetics is also the art of designing and implementing creative makeup appearances, the ability to pair make-up with specific hairstyles and much more. The esthetics course prepares students to provide facials, hair removal and makeup services. Estheticians provide services to keep skin healthy and attractive. Estheticians use their hands and/or mechanical or electrical apparatuses or appliances for cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exfoliating or applying lotions or creams and for the temporary removal of hair, makeup artistry, and facial and body wrapping. More info…

Nail Technology

Course Hours: 350

Our instructors are dedicated to helping students learn the art and science of nail design, acrylic, solar tips, forms, and gels, and more. Nail tech students learn to shape, file, color and paint nails, as well as perform full professional manicures and pedicures. Our school also teaches hand, calf and foot massages as an added value service for clientele. Last but not least, our students are instructed regarding the importance of pertinent Oregon laws and regulations, salon safety and sanitation procedures, diseases and conditions of the nails, client consultation and professionalism. More info…

Cosmetic Tattoo

Course Hours: 360

In this program, students learn proper application methods including implanting color, stretching techniques, color theory, mixing color, marketing, safety and sanitation. It is our mission here to help each student to attain their dream of becoming a licensed tattoo artist. We are committed to identifying and cultivating students’ individual styles, to allow them to reach their highest artistic and professional goals.
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Safety and Sanitation

Course Hours: 150

An in-depth, 150 hour Safety and Sanitation class is provided as part of the Nails, Skin, Hair and Cosmetic Tattoo programs at Tanya’s Beauty School. This training is mandatory and required by Oregon State law. The class includes instruction on decontamination and infection control, salon cleanliness, disinfection, OSHA hazardous chemical information, client safety and practitioner safeguards. All students are expected to rigorously apply the sanitation duties and requirements described in Oregon Law and Administrative Rules. Students will be observed and tested throughout their training to ensure they understand and appreciate the importance of workplace safety and sanitation. More info…

Career Development

Course Hours: 100

Included in all Nails, Skin, Hair, and Cosmetic Tattoo programs at Tanya’s Beauty School, is an invaluable 100-hour Career Development class. This training introduces you to the myriad ins-and-outs of successfully entering the workplace in your new career, polishing your professionalism, developing effective customer service skills and promoting optimal business practices. More info…

Advanced Classes

  • Eyelash Extensions – 1 day class – $1000 – More info…
  • Electric Filing for Nail Enhancement – 1 week class – $500 – More info…