Our School

The mission of Tanya’s Beauty School is to ensure the success of our students in the field of cosmetology, barber, nail technology, esthetic and cosmetic tattooing. Our priority is to help our students to unlock their creativity and imaginations, improve themselves and to ultimately achieve professional success.

Our fundamental goal is to train each student in the technical and social skills necessary to be a successful, competent cosmetologist, esthetician, barber, nail technician, and permanent makeup artist.

Upon completion of our program, the student will be qualified to enter the beauty profession, where he or she can expect to have a highly-rewarding career, with plenty of opportunities to continue to grow, learn new skills and become a respected professional in an important, fashionable field.

In working toward our mission and goal, Tanya’s Beauty School subscribes to the following list of essential objectives:

  • Provide students with the skills and knowledge to qualify for employment in their field of study
  • Offer support services that contribute to student success and achievement
  • Employ qualified faculty to ensure that appropriate and applicable curriculum material and training are delivered to students
  • Exercise honesty, integrity and the highest ethics in every facet of the school’s operation
  • Collect and act upon student feedback
  • Provide problem-solving assistance as needed