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Cosmetic Tattoo (360 Hours)

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Cosmetic Tattoo Program! Immerse yourself in the artistry of permanent makeup with our comprehensive training. Our program combines the latest techniques with hands-on experience, ensuring you master the skills essential for a successful career in cosmetic tattooing. Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on a journey towards becoming a skilled professional in the beauty industry. Upon graduation, you will qualify for the Tattoo License with the Health Licensing Office of Oregon (HLO).

Enrollment Requirements:
- 18+ Years Old
- High School Diploma/GED


Program Tuition:
- Registration Fee*: $150
- Tuition: $9245
- Books**: $295

- Supplies**: $850

- Uniform: $25
- Total: $10,565

* Non-Refundable

** Non-Refundable 7 days after signing enrollment agreement

Payment Plan Options:
- Payment plan options are available. Please contact school for more information.

- Payment accepted are cash, check, credit card (3% fee will apply).

Primary Class Curriculum

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics: Learn the history, benefits and its limitations.

Sanitations/Sterilization: Learn Standard Precautions, cross-contamination, all appropriate procedures, methods and techniques.

Needles: Become familiar with the names of various needle groupings and their popular use for cosmetic tattoo and microblading.

Tattoo Machine: Becoming familiar with the visualization of and understand the permanent cosmetic devices primary tattooing concept. You will ultimately find the one that meet your standards. Needle selection for procedure usage is the technician’s specific.

Equipment Supplies: Learn types, maintenance, sources, needles clusters, and pigment knowledge. A supply list of each item used in practice will be provided along with vendors.

Infection Control: Understanding the safety and sterile environment where a permanent makeup procedure is to be performed.

Fitspatrick/Color Theory: Learn color control with true formulas and comprehensive observation for color behavior intra-dermally. Understanding the concepts of altering and correcting color versus color removal.

Design/Art Placement: Detailed step by step instructions will assist you in combining creativity into the art of drawing on permanent makeup procedures.

Skin Diseases: Learn where and how pigment is placed onto the skin. Disorders, scar tissues, Fitzpatrick scale, textures & tones, ageing, elasticity and how all of these factors affect the ultimate healed results.

Client Services: Learn how to evaluate each client, consult, and offer Informed Consent. Live models are scheduled so the trainee can observe the instructor during the initial consultation. Identifying areas that require medical clearance prior to tattooing. Application of cosmetic rules regarding shapes, colors, and appropriate amount of pigment for the client should follows the client’s expectations of the procedures. Understanding the descriptions of procedure and instructing clients on their before and after care.

Business Operations: Learn business laws; the business aspect of your clinic regarding liability, insurance, and guidelines to becoming an independent contractor will be covered. All client’s forms are supplied for you, therefor you can focus on just performing the procedure.

Practical: Learn applications of Microblading, Microshading, ombre brows, eyeliners, and lips blush. Learn appropriate selection of pigment colors, topical anesthetics for client’s comfort and tips for working conservatively. Observance of the instructor’s techniques and form while doing procedures. Proper position of technician’s body, clients, and correct use of machine for a safe and stable application.

FINAL: Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be given a written examination.

Classroom Rules

Professional Conduct: Each student must conduct themselves in an honorable and ethical manner. They must show professionalism, dignity and respect for your fellow students as well as our models.

Client Photos: Our clients have agreed to allow us to take their before and after photos. You may photograph the procedure area, procedure table, sketching position and etc.

Dress Policy: All students must wear school’s uniforms at all times. No hats, beanies or hoodies.

Cell Phones: No cellphones during lectures.


Policy on Adult/Children in Treatment Rooms: We ONLY allow the clients, Instructor(s) and students in the procedure rooms during class time. We DO NOT allow children, friends, or family members in the procedure rooms during class time.

Models: Students are responsible in attaining models for their procedures. Students may schedule friends, relatives, etc. to use as models with the student service fee. The school will help provide models, but we are not responsible for the completion of 50 procedures. If students wish to work on each other, this is permissible. We shall have release forms during class for anyone who wishes to have procedure performed on them.

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