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School Director

Tanya’s Beauty school was founded in 2015, and is owned and directed by Tanya Nguyen. Ms. Nguyen has worked professionally in the field of cosmetology and permanent make-up for more than twelve years, and is highly-expert in myriad professional beauty service skills.


Ms. Nguyen takes pride in offering her students the most up-to-date information and techniques from the ever-growing beauty industry. Whatever your own focus or plans are in choosing the areas of the field as your career direction, Tanya’s Beauty School will provide you with a top-notch foundation for achieving success. As the owner and director of Tanya’s Beauty School, Ms. Nguyen accepts full responsibility for every aspect of the school, its faculty and staff, and each student’s training and progress. If you experience problems or have unanswered questions about your program, classes or other aspects of your education, please feel free to request an appointment to discuss your concerns with Ms. Nguyen.

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