location-02Enrollment is completed once all required information and documentation have been accepted by the admission office, and the applicant has been interviewed. Enrollment cannot be completed until these procedures are complete.

Once your admission is accepted, you and the school’s director will both sign an Enrollment Contract, which will list the program of study chosen and the requirements for program completion.

We strongly recommend that you complete the enrollment process and pay the initial non-refundable $150 fee before the program starts in order to reserve your place in the class.

Former students seeking re-enrollment must contact the school’s owner/director to begin the re-enrollment process. The director will investigate the reason(s) the student previously withdrew or was terminated from the school and determine whether or not re-enrollment is acceptable.

Re-enrollment Guidelines

If the former student is found eligible to re-enroll, then the school will inform the student by mail. Any former student who re-enrolls may be subject to a $100 (previous) cancellation fee before he/she is eligible to return to the school.