location-03-456The school consists of 2,930 square feet, with updated facilities that include a large clinic and classrooms. A practical work area includes 10 pedicure chairs, 6 nail tables, 4 facial bed, 3 shampoo chairs and sink, 4 professional hair station, 8 practical hair station.

A student locker area is available.

School contains modern functional equipment: work stations, hydraulic chairs, dryers, shampoo chairs and sinks, esthetics beds, skin care stations.

Student Supply Kits

Student kits, issued to each student on the first day of school, contain all the necessary implements and equipment to perform daily assignments and work on clients. Students must maintain their equipment and replace broken or damaged articles in order to practice their work properly. Student file checklist must initial and date each time receiving school supplies for school and student’s record.

The cost of the kits, application fee, and tuition payments are outlined with the Admissions Representative prior to enrollment. There is no charge for materials used on hair, skin, or for assigned activities.

Textbooks and Workbooks

Textbooks are also issued on the first day of class. The textbooks and accompanying workbooks are an important part of daily class work and practical work. Assignments and homework are given regularly.

Issued textbooks and kits must be in each student’s possession each day.