Consider Cosmetic Tattooing (aka “Permanent Make-up”)—Is it right for you?

Question: What do Angelina Jolie, First Lady Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Depp have in common with ancient Egyptian royalty?
Answer: They all opted for cosmetic tattooing to allow them to look fresh and attractive every minute of the day and night, through the most strenuous activities, without the worry or fuss of applying make-up.

Cosmetic tattooing, also called “permanent make-up” or “micropigmentation,” is the modern version of an art practiced through human history in virtually all cultures with a genuine appreciation for physical attractiveness, including the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Mayan and Aztec elites as well as the world-renowned beauties of Asia and Indonesia.

Happily the many benefits of cosmetic tattooing are no longer restricted to royalty, wealthy elites and famous celebrities. Today’s busy, hard-working appearance-conscious people in all walks of life—medical professionals, mothers, business people, government employees, etc.—can readily obtain this valuable service from specially-trained professional cosmetologists such as Tanya Nguyen, Owner and Director of Tanya’s Beauty School in Beaverton, Oregon.

What is involved in cosmetic tattooing?

In a nutshell, to create your ideal individualized appearance, your professional cosmetic tattoo specialist will meet with you to determine the end result you want to achieve. Your specialist will then precisely place minute amounts of pigments in the appropriate areas to achieve that fresh “ready to face the world” look that you want.

What cosmetic tattoo services are available to you at Tanya’s Beauty School?

Tanya Nguyen, Owner and Director of Tanya’s Beauty School, has more than 12 years expertise as a cosmetic tattoo specialist and is a respected instructor in the field. She and her faculty are particularly expert in the three most popular areas of cosmetic tattooing: eye brows, lips (liner and full-lip color) and eye liners.

  • Eyebrows—Neat, graceful eyebrows provide balance and a flattering shape to your face, and help to frame and accent your eyes. Michelle Obama’s charming appearance and Nicholas Cage’s sultry expression are clearly enhanced by their tattooed eyebrow make-up.
  • Lips, liner or full-color—Cosmetic tattooing is the ultimate in kiss-proof lip color! No more worrying about smeared, crooked or wiped-off lip color. No more trying to sip hot tea or soup through a straw to protect your lips. No more fighting that dreaded lipstick feathering and bleeding into the tiny lines around your mouth. With “permanent” lip color, you will always have your daily base-coat securely and evenly in place, and you can even add extra color or shine for special occasions as you like.
  • Eye liner—You can choose the eye liner option that suits your needs best, from a simple accent line along the lashes of your upper lid, to a full framing of your eyes with rich color to replace thinning or fading eye lashes. Elizabeth Taylor chose cosmetic tattooing to emphasize her stunning violet eyes, and Johnny Depp’s deeply-expressive look is due (at least in part) to his tattoo eye liner.

Eight good reasons to choose cosmetic tattooing:


It’s convenient.

Wake up in the morning looking your best, freshly made-up, and never have to worry about carrying spare cosmetics and repeatedly “checking your face,” no matter how long and tough your day is.


Save time.

You don’t have to spend precious time and energy redoing your make-up every few hours and/or whenever you bathe, exercise, eat, drink, cry over a movie or engage in other physical activities (including kissing).


Feel confident.

Most of us feel better when we look our best—at least when we are wearing that “basic” make-up that makes us feel presentable and attractive. With “permanent” make-up, you never have to think twice about your make-up, or worry about those pesky flaws that most of us prefer to cover or fix with cosmetics.


Be active without worry.

It’s a poorly-hidden secret that a major reason that many women avoid exercising or participating in other physical activities is that they worry about their make-up. With cosmetic tattooing, you can swim, bathe, run marathons or dance until dawn with your make-up looking fresh as ever without your having to give it a second thought.


Avoid allergies.

For people who are allergic or sensitive to the chemicals in many cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing is a relief from those painful, unattractive side effects.


Vision impairment is not a problem.

Many women experience the daily dilemma of having poor vision that makes it difficult, or even impossible, to look in a mirror and apply make-up. Trying to put on make-up while wearing contacts can be a problem too. For such women, it is a great relief to be able to face the world looking their best without the frustration of trying to see well enough to apply make-up.


Forget about medical/physical challenges.

For women who are physically hampered by conditions that cause unsteady hand or facial movements or who lack physical mobility or strength, this option means that can they still look their best, day and night.


Mitigate lack of facial hair or pigment.

When one is faced with lack of eye brows and lashes due to medical conditions such as alopecia or chemotherapy side-effects, or lack of hair pigmentation (vitiligo), it becomes very clear how important our eye brows and lashes are to our appearance and even our communication and interactions with others. Cosmetic tattooing creates a reassuringly ordinary appearance that lets people relax and behave normally.

Whatever your reason(s) for considering cosmetic tattooing, please feel free to call Tanya’s Beauty School to arrange an appointment for a free consultation: (503) 896-7322.

Please note, because cosmetic tattoos employ gentler, more “skin-friendly” pigments than common tattooing inks, they tend to eventually fade. Some people prefer to call them “semi-permanent,” which is actually a feature most people appreciate for a cosmetic coloration which can then be modified after a few years to accommodate preference and age-related changes.