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This Brow Paste is expertly designed for accentuating the lip and eyebrow contours. It's a must-have for professionals before eyebrow coloring or PMU, ensuring precise shaping. The thick, creamy texture applies smoothly without pulling or weighing down the skin.

White Mapping Paste

    • Imbued with allergen-free ink, this paste is meticulously crafted to leave clear, visible marks on the skin, catering to precise brow mapping and design with ease.
    • Its versatile formulation allows for the sketching of both thin and wide lines, making it a reliable choice for an array of eyebrow design techniques and preferences.
    • Tailored for enhancing permanent makeup and microblading procedures, this paste elevates precision, facilitating fast, error-free line graphing for superior results every time.
    • The snow-white color of the paste is a practical asset for precise brow shaping and mapping, eliminating the need for a pen and ensuring perfect symmetric shapes​.

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